Civil 3rd Semester Books Anna University Syllabus – 2013 Regulations

Suggested Books for  Mechanical  Third Semester Anna University Syllabus – 2013 Regulations.

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1.           MA6351        Transforms and Partial Differential Equations

Transforms and partial Differential Equations by Dr. A.Singaravelu from ARS Publications

2.          GE6351         Environmental Science and Engineering

Environmental Science & Engineering By Dr.M.sivakumar Dr. Saravanan From Lakshmi Publications

Environmental Science & Engineering by Anjali Bagad from Techinical Publications

4.          CE6302         Mechanics of Solids

Mechanics Of  Solids by Dr. S.Senthil from Lakshmi Publications

5.         CE6303          Mechanics of Fluids

Mechanics Of Fluids by Dr.G.K.Vijayaragavan from ARS Publications

6.         CE6304          Surveying I

Surveying-I by Dr. V.Sankara Subramanian from Lakshmi Publications






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